The Mittel Method

The Mittel Method

– solves problems before they arise

Typically, the joints in district energy pipelines are the system’s weakest point. The Swedish District Heating Association has estimated that about 80% of the leakage in district heating networks is due to water intrusion in these areas. This is why we have developed a unique welding method for splicing the case pipes.

The method, which is called Two Step Casing (TSC), is a smarter and more flexible solution for new construction, servicing and maintenance of the distribution network. Pipes can be repaired while in operation, which allows avoiding both the expense and inconvenience that shutdowns entail. In the case of new construction, the TSC method also represents a flexible working method, since pipe installation and muffing can be done independently of each other. In addition, this patented method uses standard materials independent of pipe manufacturers, which means simplified stocking, short delivery times and efficient production.

The method also is flexible when it comes to the actual execution. Mittel has many years of experience in training local contractors, whom we also assist with specially-developed equipment and materials.



  • For the network owner: A reliable and stable network with longer lifespan.
  • For the contractor: A smart complement to traditional methods.
  • For the end customer: No interruptions in district heating/district cooling.

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Through simple measurements, you also can predict and plan the need for maintenance and repairs. Read more here