Code of conduct for Mittel Fjärrvärme

Code of conduct for Mittel Fjärrvärme

Background and purpose

Since its founding in 1990, our philosophy at Mittel has been to help everyone building district heating to build better. Doing a good installation job, serving customers and finding solutions, helping and supporting each other – these are central to our work. This Code of Conduct summarises the core values we have had since the beginning.

Freedom with responsibility

At Mittel we trust each other. The most joy in work and the best results come from allowing each person to take responsibility and grow in their roles. Freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand and help define who we are.

We do not take shortcuts

As a company, we stand for quality and responsibility. We do not accept taking shortcuts in any form. We do not offer or accept brides, either as gifts, payment or other benefits aimed at influencing someone to make a business decision. Personal interests do not influence our actions as representatives of Mittel.

– If you find yourself in a situation that you feel is morally suspect, contact David Appelblad (CSR Manager).

We follow the law

At Mittel, everyone takes responsibility for following the laws, regulations and agreed rules that apply where we have operations. This includes everything from traffic rules to paying taxes and accounting.

– If you have questions about this, contact Emma Stenlund (head of contacts with public authorities)

We take care of each other

The work environment at Mittel is to be secure and safe for employees. It is important that we follow existing regulations and that we help identify job-related risks. To avoid exposing ourselves or others to unacceptable dangers, no one is allowed to work when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. No employee, customer, supplier or partner is to be discriminated against based on gender, disability, age, religion, social or ethnic background, political opinions or membership in a union.

– For support with work environment questions, contact Johan Larsson (safety officer).

We know that quality and service are most important for our customers

Our customers come to us because they know that we deliver high quality, good service and honest information. We respond to this confidence shown in us by being friendly and professional. Our focus on quality is vital. You may never leave a job that is not completed. If you are at all uncertain, you should always check with your supervisor.

– For information on handling specific situations, contact David Larsson (work manager). To report a general quality risk, contact David Appelblad.

Suppliers are important partners

Our suppliers are important for our success. In our relationships with them, we are to act correctly and with a long-term approach. If a supplier shares information, we treat it with confidentiality and do not share it with others. We always respect the intellectual property rights of our suppliers. We work to influence suppliers who do not live up to our ethical, environmental or quality requirements. If change proves impossible, we must consider terminating our collaboration.

– If you discover that a supplier is not living up to our principles, report this to David Appelblad.

We take our social responsibility seriously

We have signed collective bargaining agreements and strongly believe that all employees have a right to organise. We believe that professional pride is important for the dignity of each individual. Professional pride comes from professional skills and know-how, and we contribute to this by training installers and measurement technicians and in ensuring their skills through certification.

We want to reduce our impact on the environment

When working with district heating, we are part of a larger context that is leading to a better environment and improved conservation of resources. Our own responsibility, both as a company and individual employees, is to do our part with as little impact on the environment as possible. This includes all parts of our operations: when we purchase goods, manufacture parts, drive to projects or measurement sites, and travel to meet a customer.

– To discuss environmental questions, contact Emma Stenlund (environmental manager).

Knowledge is the heart of our work

To develop both ourselves and the company, it is important that we learn from each other, and that we are always looking for new knowledge beyond the company.

The best teaching approach is often to serve as a good example. If we happen to make a mistake, we focus on what we can learn from the experience.

After a number of years in the profession, you will have a lot that you can teach others. We want to encourage this. Look for opportunities to serve as a trainer.

We continually attend courses and have contacts with the industry’s research institutes, but there are always opportunities for more initiatives. For example, you may be interested in trying out new methods, technologies or products.

– If you have suggestions for training, speak with André From (training manager).